The dating agency that suits your needs

is one of the leading agencies of the line operating since 1982 with great efficiency.

Operating since so many years on such a sensitive market we not only gained expert knowledge , we are also able to use our experience in innovative ways.

fullfills your desire for a harmonious and happy relationsship.

Today one out of six relationships is initiated through an agency. Supposing an estimated figure of approximately 20 mio. single people looking for a partner at present, this results in more than 1,5 mio. new relationships. Reason enough for more people to choose this rather successful way.

charges a one time fee only and will continue to put you in contact with suitable partners without a timelimit until you are seccesfully settled.

We are one of a few agencies that offer a dating service without a timelimit. The client is under no pressure at all and can even take up our offers after years, should the need occure, without being charged again.

uses a scientifically approved method.

Prof. Peter Propping from the Institut for Human Genetics at the University Bonn has discovered in a research for example, that couples have similar psychical and physical attributes. The scientists have a simple answer to this phenomenon. Similarities are attractive because they strengthen the own ego and are good for ones self-confidence. But what about the old folkwisdom that contrarities attract? That, the social psychologists say, is mostly down to mere physical attraction.

is a worthwile investement into your future.

Due to longterm experience and the great number of clients, TTPCG ® can offer remarkably low rates for first class service.