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Performance Guarantee

Tim Taylor Partner Computer Group®

hereby gives the following performance guarantee for the


The client receives 15 partner profiles on the basis of the best matches
amongst the personality diagrams of the individuals looking for a partner.

The composition of the 15 partner profiles is done within
10 days after receipt of the agreed payment.

Tim Taylor Partner Computer Group® takes your special and individual
wishes into consideration when choosing a partner for you.

Tim Taylor Partner Computer Group® obliges itself to send the first qualified partner
profile to the client automatically. The remaining partner profiles will be
sent to the client after written request.

There is no time limit on this service.

Until revoked by the client personally,
the client´s profile will be suggested to other clients.

In order to find the best partner, Partner Computer Group®
takes additional exclusive measures for the ambitious client.

Tim Taylor Partner Computer Group® guarantees its clients that any innovations
concerning the methods of finding the perfect partner will be taken into
consideration when the individual partner profiles are put together.