Whether or not your search for a partner will be successful mainly depends on how well your partner suggestions are aligned with your personality. The better your partner suggestions are coordinated with your individual demands, the higher the chance that you will find the right partner - a partner who truly matches you.

How, then, does the TTPCG ® method decide which partner suggestions will match you best?
The partner suggestions drawn up for you by the TTPCG ® team are determined using so-called matching. This means that only TTPCG ® members are chosen to match you based on many aspects.

At the core of this mediation method is the Döppe-model-based personality test. It has been one of the central concepts of modern psychology since 1982. Using a comprehensive questionnaire, we analyse the most important facets of your personality in respect to the effect of your interaction with others, as well as your needs in partnership.

Conventional partnership agencies are not competing with anonymous internet agencies. Looking for a partner online has its advantages, as does offline partner mediation. TTPCG ® is the first and only company to combine the benefits of either method without assuming their specific issues.

Singles looking for a partner may attend a personal meeting on eye-level, in which the certified single's-consultants of TTPCG ® inform them of how quickly and cost-efficiently the team will work with them. In the course of 40 years, innumerable happy partnerships have been initiated by TTPCG ®.

The history of Tim Taylor Partner Computer Group ® is characterised by tradition. When the company was founded in 1981, the founders had already decided to use a very special method for bringing together people.

This type of partner search was rather unusual at the time, and was to be combined in the company's name. Agentur Genesis suggested the name "Partner Computer". On March 1, 1982, the Partner Computer label took off with its scientific method to ensure that people will find partners matching their character. It is probable that Tim Taylor Partner Computer Group ® - TTPCG ® - invented this type of mediation. Now, thirty years later, competitors are using similar methods. We have the benefit of a head start and grown experience of the Tim Taylor Partner Computer Group ® teams. We were the first partnership agency to introduce a written performance guarantee instead of promises. We made a high-quality partner search affordable for everyone.

It is no surprise that TTPCG ® received awards and prevailed in tests. Today, with its special method, quality and great price-performance ratio, TTPCG ® has grown to be the international market-leader in its industry.

These are all good reasons to trust in TTPCG ®. We offer our customers the best opportunities with our high success rate.

Test TTPCG ® requires no commitment and is free of charge. Make use of our secure environment with personal consulting by certified single consultants.